"Media in Russia and Eastern Europe" contains a collection of on-topic articles written by William Dunkerley.

Mr. Dunkerley is an American publishing consultant. He is principal of the firm William Dunkerley Publishing Consultants which serves as business consultants to the publishing field in the United States and internationally. He also is publisher and editor of Editors Only, a monthly for publication editors, and of STRAT, a newsletter on print and online magazine publishing strategy.

When the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union began facing the challenge of establishing non-governmental media sectors, the U.S. government called upon Mr. Dunkerley to help. He served as a consultant to the Department of State and the Agency for International Development. In addition, he offered testimony before Congress on how best to aid the development of independent and successful media.

Mr. Dunkerley has done in-country work in Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, and Russia. In addition, through his workshops and seminars, he has worked with media executives from 24 post-communist countries in all. The thrust of his work is to assist media companies in becoming successful businesses.

In Croatia, Mr. Dunkerley participated in the development of the country's first broadcasting law, working with key members of parliament and officials in the presidential administration. He has advised governmental and parliamentary officials in Russia, and also led a successful advocacy effort to remove laws that were obstructing the success of the media sector.

Mr. Dunkerley has done intensive work with media companies in 17 different Russian cities across the country. Through his seminars and workshops, he as worked additionally with media leaders from hundreds of media companies, literally from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. For five years, Mr. Dunkerley was a regular columnist for Russia's first media management magazine, Sreda. He has conducted separate in-depth analyses of Russia's media sector for several clients internationally, and has published his own report entitled The Russian Media Market which focuses on the publishing segment.

Beyond helping media companies achieve success, Mr. Dunkerley has been a proponent for the emergence of press freedom in the post-communist countries. He has been a featured speaker at press freedom conferences held in eight countries. He also has addressed the annual congress of the World Association of Newspapers and the World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists.

Mr. Dunkerley has been a consultant to many non-governmental organizations concerned with the region. They include: The International Center for Journalists, the Freedom Forum, Russian-American Press and Information Center, the Eurasia Foundation, National Press Institute (Russia), Croatian Council for the European Movement, Editors and Publishers Association of Russia, Central and Eastern European Newspaper Publisher's Association, Press Development Institute (Russia), the International Media Fund, and the World Affairs Council.