The Russian Media Fund is a project backed by the International Center for Journalists, the Russian Media Research Center Sreda, and media business consultant William Dunkerley. RMF requested and received a formal invitation from the Putin administration to offer advice on reforming the media sector. Since then, it has successfully advocated for changing the media regulatory structure. As a result, businesses’ advertising expenditures have become fully tax deductible and newspapers are no longer limited to 40 percent ad content. Now it is possible for a media company to operate successfully without a need for corrupted revenues.

Lamentably, business practices are still tied to coercive structures that have dominated the Russian media in the past. Thus, the next phase of the project's activities is to promote change in the business culture of the media sector.

Details of RMF's approach to remediating this troubling media situation is contained in the following articles:

Business in Russia Vis-a-Vis the Russian Media

Democracy in Russia Vis-a-Vis the Russian Media

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